How To Do The Hollywood Gunshot Effect

Lets face it effects are what either makes or breaks a movie. While it may impossible to duplicate a massive Hollywood style studio, it is not impossible to achieve a Hollywood style gunshot effect using simple household items. Step 1: The Equipment To create

How To Do Kelly Rowland Inspired Makeup With Annaliese Dayes

Kelly Rowland rose to fame in the group Destiny’s Child. Although the group disbanded many years ago, the members, Kelly and Beyonce are looked at for their fashion and style sense, and for their beautiful makeup. Many women try to re-create the look that

How To Work The Red Carpet

Wow, you’ve decided that you wanna rock that red carpet. How very cool! And there is no reason why you shouldn’t do it. Rest assured, it really isn’t that hard. It’s all about the attitude, baby, so put on your game face and let’s

How To Dance Like Beyonce

When it comes to dancing there are few women that have the type of high spirit moves that Beyonce has. She has this aspiring new age Tina Turner energy with legs that seem to never tire out. Any fan that has inspired to dance

How To Read Celebrity Gossip At Work

When it comes to celebrity gossip, there are a lot of people that just cannot resist the urge to get the latest updates. A person that is trying to read what celebrities have done lately need not worry about missing out too much. There

How To Get Blake Lively Hair

We all envy the Hollywood stars and their glamourous hairstyles. But they pay a lot of money to have professional stylists give them that perfect look. If you want to get a natural looking hairstyle like Blake Lively without the high cost, just follow

How To Get A Mel B Body

As a former member of the group Spice Girls, Mel B is remembered as the girl who was sporty spice, always wearing midriff tops showing off her abdominals. She’s always had a great body, but recently she has upped her game and started becoming

Rejected Lines From Popular Movies

Movies instantly become classics because of the way that they can connect to audiences and how they resonate with certain people – whether it’s with tear jerking lines, lines that we wish we would hear from that special someone, or a hilarious and raunchy

How To Do Your Hair Like Taylor Swift

Do You Want to Know Taylor Swift’s Hair Secret? Taylor Swift is a pop superstar who has taken the charts by storm. With her new look and her talent for writing a catchy tune, she has captured many people’s hearts and has proven time

How To Seduce A Celebrity

There are so many good-looking celebrities out there, that many people who are ordinary, have dreamed of being with them. Not all celebrities date other celebrities, some of them will also date ordinary people as well, so they can stay out of the limelight.

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